Iger with wunderlust.
  • Goodbye gum head! I wish we could keep you! #Couplandvan (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • Blocks on blocks on blocks
    #Couplandvan (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • 4 seasons #Couplandvan (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • #Couplandvan - Coupland’s 20 years of collected knick knacks make me feel better about my random assortment of ‘stuff’ (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • #Couplandvan
    Part of “The Brain” (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • #Couplandvan (at Vancouver Art Gallery)

  • Missing this view from our #Osoyoos camp site. #latergram #vscocam Let’s go back!

  • 1) the way the light hits the top of the clouds only at dusk 😍
    2) Something I’ve learned the past few days camping:
    “Feelings work faster then thoughts; blood runs faster then synapses. The only way to fight a feeling is with a feeling. Feel thanks and it’s impossible to feel angry.” #1000gifts #foodforthought (at Cabana Beach Campground & RV Park)

  • The way the cream swirls mesmerizes me every time!
    #coffeeoftheday Pt 2 (at Cabana Beach Campground & RV Park)

  • French press - under shade because at 9am it was already 28 degrees
    #coffeeoftheday (at Cabana Beach Campground & RV Park)